Participation of the rector and teachers of the institute in an international webinar

Today an international webinar was held on the topic “Processes of globalization and economic integration, jobs and connections of students with partners of foreign countries.” reported.

The webinar was attended by the rector of the institute, Professor Bakhtiyor Makhmadali, deputy rector for science, innovation and external relations, professor Umarjonov Abdusafo, director of the engineering and training college Jabbor Rasulovsky district, doctor of economic sciences Goibnazarov Shukhrat, deputy director of the same institute. The seminar was attended by Khushnud Kakhkhorrov, deputy director of the same institution Tagoymurodov Farrukhzhan and head of the international relations department Muhammadiev Akbarkhan.

During the webinar, a number of important global issues will be discussed, including rapid globalization, the development of modern science and technology, changing the format of education, improving the skills of educators, developing methodological recommendations in accordance with international standards, and developing large-scale complex projects. Participation in international projects to help the European community, student exchange, studying the best practices of European countries, including Italy, France, etc. were discussed.

The webinar was attended by scientists, experts and international specialists from Europe and Tajikistan.

We remind you that this webinar was held on the initiative of the Department of Science, Innovation and International Relations.