The Head of Department of Postgraduate and Мaster’s Studies

Valieva Mastura Nabikhonovna

Mining – metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan is one of the leading centers of science, culture, education for the training of highly qualified scientific and technical personnel.

Master’s degree is the second degree of professional education, the purpose of which is to provide various sectors of the economy and the system of science and education of the Republic of Tajikistan with highly qualified specialists and scientific and technical personnel. The conditions of convergence of higher professional education with international educational standards and obtaining relevant diplomas were the basis for the establishment of a master’s degree.

Magistracy is established only in institutes, academies and universities, which have a Department of postgraduate and doctoral studies, as well as have the appropriate scientific and methodological capabilities, material, technical and educational base, on the basis of the order of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Tajikistan. The period of full-time study in the master’s degree is two years.

Department of Postgraduate and Мaster’s Studies in Mining – metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan was established in October 2013 in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Education and science of republic of Tajikistan.

Activities of the department, in accordance with the current plans and strategies for the training of scientific personnel for the organization and management of the process, graduate students and applicants for scientific work, the implementation of individual plans, the approval of the subject of the candidate, scientific leadership, organization and control of classes and the candidate minimum, the effectiveness of the scientific travel process, creative etc. these goals.

Department of Postgraduate and Мaster’s Studies to select relevant topics and problems of young researchers, thus increasing the number of scientists from the Institute to attract specialists and training scientific personnel through postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Postgraduate education is important in the training of scientific and pedagogical staff of the University.

Currently there are 12 doctoral students (PhD) in the department.

Postgraduate students and university applicants publish their articles in the different journals and participate in regional, national and international conferences with their scientific reports.

Rectorate for material and moral support of scientists and teachers, especially young scientists to take concrete measures, to effectively take scientific trips to scientific and creative holidays, financial support for scientific visits and others are constantly creating favorable conditions.