Sport and civil defence chair

The chair was founded on the base of order № 113 from 12.05.2013 y.

The staff of the chair corsists of:

1).Farkhazova R.N. the senior teacher the head of the chair (Physical training)


2).Murodov M.Yu. The senior teacher – (Civil defence)

3).Sayfidinov Kh. The senior teacher – (Physical training)

4).Aytanov D.R. assistant  (Physical training)

 5). Haydarov Kh.A. laborator

The chair possesses facilities for trainings:

  • Gymnasium
  • 2 volleyball courts
  • a basketball court
  • a playground
  • a tennis court
  • 60m racetrack
  • 100m racetrack

– Civil defence auditorium.