Meeting of representatives of industrial enterprises with graduates

Date 10.10.2022. In the hall of the Council of Scientists of the Institute, a meeting was held between graduates of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan and representatives of the State Unitary Enterprise “Rare Minerals of Tajikistan”. The meeting was attended by the director of FC “Zargari” Shoniyazov Rakhmat Obidovich and a representative of the machine-building enterprise Sh. Asimdzhan ibn Usman visited Boston. The meeting was attended by graduates of the following specialties:
– machine technology;
– supply of industrial enterprises with electricity;
– metallurgy of non-ferrous metals;
– jewelry technology;
– purification of useful minerals;
– open mining and other specialties.
During the meeting, representatives of the company provided information about the company, vacancies, working conditions, wages and benefits provided to employees. The representatives of the companies invited the students to study “good” and “excellent” and work in industry companies.

It was noted that SUE “Rare Resources of Tajikistan” also employs graduates of the institute. At the same time, it was proposed that students, under the guidance of teachers, go to the factory on excursions and get to know the production process better.
After the speech of the company representatives, the students asked questions about wages, working conditions, employment contracts and other questions, to which they received specific answers.