Virtual conversation with a German accreditation company

Today, in the office of the Vice-Rector for Science, Innovation and International Relations, a meeting was held with the representative of ASIIN in Central Asia, Irina Efimova.

The Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN e.V.) is a non-profit association founded in July 1999. Since then it has provided expert support to German and international universities in the implementation of accreditation procedures on the programme and institutional level. It is a leader nationally and internationally in the accreditation of programmes in engineering, the natural sciences, mathematics, computer sciences as well as in medicine and economics.

From the side of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan, the meeting was attended by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, First Vice-Rector Z.Z. Nasriddinov, Vice-Rector for Science, Innovation and International Relations, Professor A.Umarjanov, Head of the Department of Ecology Hojiboev D., Head of the Department of Natural Sciences Hojiev S., and specialist of the Department of International Relations Rahimzoda H. With a representative of the ASIIN agency, the parties discussed the issue of international accreditation of the institute’s specialties and got acquainted with its possibilities and conditions.