The beginning of the new year saw the teachers of the TNU in the mountains and pursued new scientific research

The love for work and science took the teachers of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan to the field during the New Year weekends.

On January 3, 2021, Vice-Rector for Science, Innovation and International Relations, Candidate of Geology and Mineralogy Nasriddinov Z.Z., together with doctoral students and candidates Vosikhov Sh., Obidov B., Qosimov Sh., And Yusupov E., who are in charge of exploring the travertine, limestone and shell deposits in the lower reaches of the Fergana Valley, traveled to the area where the deposit is located.

Doctoral student – Qosimov Sh.M., observes the ore deposit.

In the area of ​​the deposit Nasriddinov Z.Z. acquainted the researchers with the site, deposit, rocks, basic minerals, the shape of the mineral deposits and the specifics of the study area, and gave specific tasks for further work. The research team also obtained descriptive and descriptive drawings from the mining area.


We will recall that last year, Vice Rector Nasriddinov Z.Z. conducted research and experimental work for 30 students in the Romit Gorge and along the Kofarnihon River in Vahdat, Rudaki, Qubodiyon, Shurobod and other districts. organized an international study of the Kofarnihon River and the Kabul River.