The 70th anniversary of Professor Rozikov Zafar was celebrated at the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan

The event was opened by the Rector of the Institute, Professor Bakhtiyor Mahmadali, who spoke about the fruitful work of Professor Rozikov Zafar Abdukahorovich and praised their presence at the Institute as a good omen and the success of students of the Institute.

Then, the Deputy Mayor of Boston Sattorzoda Khurshed, the First Deputy Rector of the Institute Professor Nasriddinov Zamoniddin and other friends and colleagues spoke about the fruitful work of Professor Rozikov Zafar and congratulated him on the 70th anniversary.

At the conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Professor Zafar Rozikov, brothers, classmates, scientists and colleagues from Norway, the People’s Republic of China, Portugal and the Russian Federation spoke in the presence and online.

We will recall that Rozikov Zafar Abdukakhorovich is one of the most prominent figures of the last century and one of the scientists of the city of the new century, who has educated many students. Professor Rozikov Zafar has written more than 200 scientific works and monographs and articles of international level, which is the pride of every Tajik and Tajik.

We will recall that a collection of memoirs and opinions of scientists, classmates and colleagues of Professor Rozikov Zafar Abdukakhorovich has been published on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

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