Quality Assessment at Tajikistan’s Mining and Metallurgy Institute: Agency under the President of Tajikistan Presents Findings

Today, on September 30, 2023, the working group of the Agency for Education and Science Control under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan has completed the evaluation of the education quality at Tajikistan’s Mining and Metallurgy Institute (MMIT).

The working group, led by Mr. Shirinzoda Najmiddin, the Head of the Department for Education Quality Assessment and Monitoring, included individuals such as Mr. Olimov A., Mr. Tajuddinzoda A., Mr. Sadulloev A., Ms. Namozova N., and engaged experts and specialists from educational institutions in the Sughd Region to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the institute’s educational activities.

During the meeting organized by the working group, educators were briefed on the preliminary assessment results. According to preliminary data, the level of material acquisition at MMIT reached 62%, with an overall quality rating of 26.5%.

Additionally, the working group presented a series of proposals and consultations on key aspects, including the development of regulations, quality control questionnaires, ensuring the implementation of decisions and directives within the institute, enhancing the qualifications of educators, expanding the library resources, fostering collaboration in the field of internships and supervision of students’ practical work, authoring books, and other significant areas of the institute’s activities.

The Department of Education intends to implement the agency’s working group recommendations by formulating and executing an appropriate action plan. Stay tuned for further updates on the measures being taken to enhance the quality of education at the Mining and Metallurgy Institute of Tajikistan.