Practical lesson for students of Sughd Pak LLC

According to the order of the rector of the institute, Professor Bakhtiyor Mahmadali under number 217HD dated 06/02/2024, in order to connect theory with practice and establish a dual education system, practical classes are held on February 8, 2024 for students of the 3rd department, specialty 360101-01, engineering technology and students 4 sections of specialty 361001 “Machines and machines of the mining industry” under the guidance of teachers of the department “Mechanical Engineering, Equipment and Technology” Kholova Z.A. and Khudzhamov S.S. took place at the Sughd Pak Railway Department.
Specific information about the activities and production process was provided to students by company specialists during practical training at the production plant of Sughd Pak LLC. And also from both sides, company representatives and students were given offers for internships and employment.
During the practical lesson, specialists from Sughd Pak LLC provided accurate information about the types of devices and their details, which the students liked.
In the near future, an agreement was reached with the human resources department of the industrial enterprise to provide students with jobs after studying their specialty, which was taken into account by representatives of the enterprise.