Conducting a scientific and theoretical seminar at the institute

Today, in the video conference hall of the institute, with the participation of scientists and teachers, a scientific and theoretical seminar was held dedicated to the years 2020-2040, “Twenty years of study and development of natural sciences, precision and mathematics in the field of science and education.” The seminar was opened by the Vice-Rector for Science, Innovation and International Relations, Professor Umarjonov Abdusafo, who spoke about the rapid development of technology, the use of modern technologies in industrial enterprises, improving the technical thinking of young people, motivating talented students, and improving laboratory work.

Then Associate Professor of the Department of Technology and Mechanical Engineering Eshonkulova I.A. on the topic “Aligned structural steels for special purposes”, senior lecturer of the department of higher mathematics and computer science, Sh.T. Shermatov. in the topic “Inverse matrix. Solving SMAC using an inverse matrix,” senior lecturer of the department of general technical disciplines Khomidova R.V. on the topic “The status of issues of theoretical mechanics in the formation of engineering thinking of students”, assistant of the department of electrical power supply Khakimbekov S. spoke on the topic “LED, device and principle of its operation” and gave in-depth answers to questions from the audience.

We remind you that this seminar was held on the initiative of the Faculty of Electromechanics.