Еmployers looking for a specialist

Yesterday, in the hall of the Academic Council of the Institute was held a meeting of a representative of the State Unitary Enterprise “Rare Metals of Tajikistan” with students of third and fourth grades. The event was opened by the head of the internship and tracking of graduates Nazarmatov Avazbek, who said that the institute is constantly working to provide graduates with jobs and other industrial enterprises of the country with qualified specialists. He added that the reason for recruiting students majoring in equipment and technology in engineering, ecology, economics and management, metallurgy is that such specialists are needed today in the State Unitary Enterprise “Rare Metals of Tajikistan”. He then gave the floor to a representative of this enterprise.

The representative of the State Unitary Enterprise “Rare Metals of Tajikistan” said that our workshop needs young and experienced specialists and good knowledge of the field, and my arrival today is to provide jobs for those who want to. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a priority for students.

At the end, students asked questions to the representative of SUE “Rare Metals of Tajikistan” in connection with the conditions and opportunities of the enterprise and received in-depth answers.

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